Our domain is to provide the highest quality of light that we place
in a minimalist, modern form of our lamps.

We equip all of our luminaires with brended LEDs like Edison, Samsung or Osram,
and brended drivers manufacturers such as Osram, TCI or Philips.

We provide lighting with unique aesthetic and technical values
while taking care of your well-being.


Our products are distinguished by :




Led lighting

  • Very high color rendering index of > 90 is used as standard in all our lamps, so that the illuminated items look much better than when illuminated with traditional LED light sources with a factor > 80. Color Rendering Index (CRI) can take a maximum value of 100, and the higher it is, the higher the illuminated items and interiors look more natural

Led lighting

  • Optimum color temperature with values that give the interior the most pleasant, natural light. We provide the option of choosing a specific value of this parameter: 2700K, 3000K or 4000K or purchasing a  Tunable White version of the lamp, which allows the user to smoothly adjust this value depending on the time of the day or user’s mood


Led lighting

  • very low flickering (indirectly marked by ripple current) below the value of 2%, so that this invisible parameter of light which has an impact on eye fatigue and the well-being of the user, has been reduced in our lamps to a minimum value. In standard led products, this ratio is >20%

Led lighting

  • Dark light technology, which we use in most of our lamps, eliminates the glare effect and provides a very low UGR value, usually <19. This value is recommended for interiors that require high comfort of use



  • ON/OFF – allows you to switch the luminaire on and off without the possibility of adjusting the luminous flux

  • PUSH/DIMM – allows you to turn the luminaire on and off by pressing the switch once and adjusting the luminous flux (dimming) by holding the button – for proper operation, an electrical installation of at least 4 wires is required
    If the luminaire is in a Tunable White version, you can also change the color temperature – for proper operation, an electrical installation of at least 5 wires is required

  • DALI – allows you to turn the luminaire on and off and adjust the luminous flux. If the luminaire is equipped with Tunable White, light sources, the color temperature can also be changed. For proper operation, an electrical installation with a DALI digital wired system is required



  • high efficiency above 100 lm / W, which provides a lot of good quality light using a minimum of energy
  • in suspended luminaires the possibility of adjusting the length of the suspension and choosing the color of the cable
  • safe voltage on LED modules <60V DC (SELV)
  • long life of led drivers up to 100.000 working hours
  • long lifetime of LEDs more than 80.000 hours of work
  • unusual design
  • possibility of warranty extension up to 5 years
  • an option of individual configuration of lighting fixtures according to your guidelines – please contact us here